THICKbrick, our fully automated website app specifically designed for real estate agents

28 Sep 2012  •  Comments

It has always surprised me how hard real estate agents worked.  I’ve seen corporate executives running around their office late in the day, front-of-line techs still going on midnight shifts, and musicians carting around hundreds of pounds of equipment after jumping around on stage, but some agents really push themselves every hour of the day, plus weekends for all those open houses!  What knocks that off the hook is that so much of the effort is spent around their computers managing their listings. That work needs to be done but it is manual, repetitive, and takes far too long.

That’s why we came up with the THICKbrick platform.  It is a fully customizable platform where we take care of all of the technology and let you get back to dealing with your customers instead of fiddling with a keyboard.  It features layouts that draw the eye to the most important bits - the listings, dynamic flags to show off new listings, open houses, or freshly sold homes, and an easy to use portal to take care of it all (or we’ll do it for you).  Most importantly, it makes the weary and repetitive management of listings simple and fast with automation which gives you and your team hours back every day.

Saving time is saving money, and for hard working agents, more time means more sales!

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