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We use a DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) philosophy for rapid prototyping and long term maintenance and sustainability. Employing both agile and test driven development to ensure accuracy and functionality. This lets us consistently deliver results on time and on budget.

While we can develop in many other languages, we focus on Python by way of Django, git for revisioning, Fabric for deployment, Apache2 / nginx / wsgi / uwsgi for hosting, mySQL / PostgreSQL rdbms, Redis for caching / brokering and Celery for asynchronously backgrounding processes.



We design clean and simple websites that engage users and make accessing your content an enjoyable experience. Our industry leading designers work with responsive designs to ensure your visibility across any of today's mobile devices or desktop platforms.

We use XHTML / HTML5 markup using the latest mobile-first responsive design, along with AJAX, and javascript by way of jQuery for client side processing.


We do it all

Our team includes operational and systems specialists. Combined, we use our experience to deliver managed applications and software as a service to customers. It lets us deliver complex solutions in a simple, fully managed, way. Nomad.Works for you.

We follow industry leader techniques for SEO, scalability, deployment and traffic management from such sites as Youtube, Disqus, The Onion and even Google and Facebook.

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